Preview of the Greensboro Children’s Museum 2014 Summer Camp schedule listed below. Registration available after January 1, 2014.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on everything at GCM and the Edible Schoolyard. 

Greensboro Children’s Museum summer camps are hands-on, educational, creative, exciting and FUN!  Each week, our educators craft creative experiences, focused on hands-on activities, imaginative adventures, and learning through play.   GCM camp themes range from mastering basic culinary skills, arts and crafts, music, gardening, exploration, and play in both our indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • 4 year olds – Rising Kindergarteners
  • Rising 1st – 2nd Grade
  • Rising 3rd – 5th Grade
  • Rising 6th, 7th and 8th Grade


  • 4 years old – Rising Kindergarteners - Members - $90 - Non-Members - $100
  • Rising 1st Grade – 8th Grade - Members - $140 - Non-Members $150


Pirates & Mermaids
June 2-June 6, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s
This camp will be a swashbuckling good time! Campers will transform into mermaids and mateys, search for hidden treasure, and discover the magic of creatures in the ocean. Come aboard on our last day as we celebrate with an ARRRtisinal treat.

Amazing Animals
June 9-June 13, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s
Come explore the world of amazing animals that live at The Edible Schoolyard! Hop with the rabbits, get dirty with the worms, and hang in the hen house.  We’ll also have a special guest animal from a local farm! You are invited to meet us under the barn on the last day for a farewell garden treat.

Fancy Nancy - SOLD OUT - To be added to the wait list call Gabrielle Howell 33.574.2898 ext 305
June 9-June 13, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s
Fancy Nancy says, “More is always better when it comes to being fancy!” Discover the exotic world of Fancy Nancy: learn to dance like a ballerina, create fabulous sparkling crafts, and learn a little Français (that’s French for the non-fancy). Everyone is invited to celebrate being fabulous on the last day of camp with a Parfait Soiree!

Little Farmers in the City
June 16 – June 20, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s
Experience the life of an urban farmer for the week! Each day we will explore the garden, taking care of the plants and animals. We will also visit the farmer’s market and host our very own market on the last day of camp.

Dinos & Dirt
June 16-June 20, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s
Discover the world of dinosaurs and get a little dirty while doing it. Become a paleontologist and dig for dino bones, create muddy masterpieces, and be part of an exciting Jurassic adventure.  Parents can join us for a prehistoric surprise on Friday to say goodbye. 

Cooking on the Farm
June 23 – June 27
Ages: Rising 1st – 2nd, 9am - 3pm
Dig, plant, cook, and eat like a farmer in The Edible Schoolyard! Learn to prepare garden recipes, harvest vegetables, and care for farm animals.  You are invited to celebrate on Friday with a delicious farm feast.

Nail It!
June 23 – June 27, 9am - 3pm
Rising 3rd – 5th
In this construction camp, you will learn how to hammer, drill, measure, fasten, cut, and even engineer. So put on your tool belt as we create and construct, design, and drill our way to a final reveal on Friday.


Harry Potter
July 7-July 11, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 3rd – 5th
Board the Hogwarts Express for a week of wizard school! Study potions, care of magical creatures, herbology, charms, defense against the dark arts, and transfiguration classes. Campers will concoct bubbly potions, play Quidditch, and even try Bertie Botts Beans and Butter Beer! Join us on Friday for a magical celebration!

CSI Superheroes
July 7-July 11, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 1st – 2nd
Enter our Superhero crime lab to test your powers of wit and problem solving. Use microscopes to identify fingerprints, create crazy concoctions to enhance your super powers, and use powers of deduction and reasoning to unravel mysteries. On our last day, join us as we unveil our Superhero skills!

Iron Chef Camp
July 14-July 18, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 6th- 8th 
The heat is on in the Edible Schoolyard Kitchen!  Using senses, skills, and creativity, campers will try new foods, practice kitchen basics, and tackle challenges.  A final competition will be held on the last day, featuring local celebrity judges and secret ingredients.

Under the Big Top
July 14-July 18, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 1st – 2nd
Join us for a week of circus fun. We will walk the tightrope, tame the animals, jump through hoops, and clown around. On Friday, you are all invited to our Circus Celebration!

Food Detectives
July 21-July 25, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 1st – 2nd
Where does your food come from? Join us as we uncover the mysteries of plant lifecycles, compost critters, and cooking in The Edible Schoolyard Kitchen. We will also visit the local farmer’s market and interview real farmers who grow food for Greensboro! Join us on the last day for a mystery performance. 

Superhero Academy
July 21-July 25, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s
Get ready to test your skills of strength, wit, and bravery in the ultimate super hero training. Campers will create their own super identity, perfect their mighty moves, and craft some handy tools.  Then, join us Friday for our Super Hero graduation ceremony!

Pizza Boss
July 28-Aug 1, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 6th – 8th
Master the art of pizza making as we dissect America’s favorite food.  Become a pizza boss as we grind wheat for dough, make cheese from milk, and crush tomatoes for sauce, making an ingredient for pizza every day! Celebrate the end of the week with a Friday afternoon pizza party. 

Gizmos, Gadgets, & Whirligigs
July 28-Aug 1
Ages: Rising 3rd – 5th, 9am - 3pm
Come experiment, build, and discover what makes things move at the Greensboro Children’s Museum. Why do hovercrafts float? How can a raw egg survive a 10 foot drop, unbroken? What makes a car fast? Design and build all of these contraptions (and more!), and then push them to their limits. On the final day, our contraptions will be put to the ultimate test.


Farmyard Adventures
Aug 4-Aug 8
Ages: 4 yrs- Rising K’s, 9am - 1pm
Each day, will be a new adventure based on fabulous farm books! We will explore The Edible Schoolyard from top to bottom, and discover the magic of our Curious Garden as we plant, harvest, make art, learn new songs, and more! Our farm adventures will culminate with a Friday performance under the barn.

Once Upon a Time
Aug 4-Aug 8
Ages: Rising 1st – 2nd, 9am - 3pm
Each day we will travel to a new magical realm. Wonderland, Oz, Neverland, and The Enchanted Forest. By Friday we will have even created our own fairy tale storybook to show everyone in the land!

Animal, Vegetable, Musical
Aug 11-Aug 15, 9am - 3pm
Ages: Rising 1st – 2nd
Sing, play, and boogie in The Edible Schoolyard.  Each day, we’ll learn about a different animal, use garden vegetables to create a delicious treat, and discover a new musical instrument with guest musicians.  The week will culminate in a vegetable musical, accompanied by a live band.

Wild Wild West
Aug 11-Aug 15, 9am - 1pm
Ages: 4yrs- Rising K’s
Calling all cowboys and cowgirls! Trot on down to GCM for a giddy-up good time! There will be rodeo games, country crafts, and campfire songs.  Join us on Friday for a special performance.


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